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Travel Safe with Our Vehicle Brake Services in Sherwood Park

Well-functioning brakes are crucial for your safety. Your car’s brakes work hand-in-hand with other vehicle systems, and most importantly, with the tires. Even for sophisticated braking systems, such as anti-lock systems, to work properly, the installed brakes must be of good quality. Meanwhile, tires that are evenly worn and regularly rotated complement the smooth functioning of the brakes. At Robin’s Automotive in Sherwood Park, we provide brake services that you can trust.

Regular brake maintenance is ideal because they get worn out with use (this might happen after 30,000 km, though this number varies according to factors such as driving habits and vehicle models), and leaving the brake pad replacement for too long may cause damage to the rotors. Rest assured, the work of our mechanics is based on a deep understanding gathered over years of first-hand experience and we will get you safely back on the road.


Signs Your Brakes Are Malfunctioning

Disc brakes in cars have several components: a rotor or disc, calliper assembly, disc brake pad, and the required wheel hardware. Your braking system also has a brake fluid running through it. Here are some indications that the brakes require servicing:

  • The brakes make a scraping or grinding noise

  • The warning lamp for your braking systems is on

  • You feel a vibration or shake while pressing your brakes

  • Your brakes are spongy when you apply pressure on them

  • Your vehicle is pulling towards one side when you use your brakes

  • Your vehicle takes longer than usual to halt after you press your brakes

The brake fluid in the master cylinder should be checked. It should not have more than 200 ppm of copper content (we replace it if necessary).

If you notice these signs with your brakes, please schedule an appointment with us as soon as possible.