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Complete Vehicle Maintenance and Tune-ups in Sherwood Park

Just like with our own health, prevention is better than cure for a car. Worry not, as our experienced auto mechanics at Robin’s Automotive have you covered with comprehensive services including routine vehicle maintenance and tune-ups. At our Sherwood Park auto repair shop, we help you avoid expensive repairs for your car, maximize its gas mileage, and ensure the vehicle’s optimum performance and proper functioning of its supporting systems.

We do this through close checks on any kind of leakage, spark plugs and wires (we clean and replace them if necessary), the fuel injection system, wipers, air filters, brakes, hoses, lights and we do a full visual engine inspection. For older cars, we sometimes take a call to replace the cleaning caps and rotors.

Your Convenience First

When you bring in your car for an oil change, you can opt for our complete range of maintenance services. Book your appointment today.

Signs Your Vehicle Requires a Tune-Up

Your vehicle will give you tell-tale signs when it is time for servicing. here are some common that it needs a tune-up:

The engine lights are on

The brakes make a noise and the pedals feel soft

Despite pressing the accelerator, the car stalls before it begins to move

You have to refuel more often than usual

The car is not steady when it moves